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  <title>sample PHP page</title>

  $content = $_GET['content'];      // there was a time this wasn't necessary

  $ext = '.txt';
  echo '<p style="border-bottom: thin solid black">
  <a href="./php.php"><strong>CLEAR!</strong></a> (start over)<br />
  Click Here to Begin: <a href="./php.php?content=phpbegin"><strong>PHP Beginner Tutorial</strong></a><br />
  Click Here for <a href="./php.php?content=php"><strong>Line-Wrapped PHP Source Code</strong></a><br />
  or Click Here for <a href="./php.php?content=context"><strong>Context-Highlighted Code</strong></a><br />
  <a href="./phpbegin.txt">Right Click to Download Lesson Text File</a><br />
  <a href=""><strong>ARChive: Apotheonic Resource Collection</strong></a>

  if ($content == 'php') {
    $ext = '.php';
  echo '<tt>

  if ($content == 'context') {
  } elseif ($content) {
    $mainstuff = file($content.$ext);
    $mainstuff = join('', $mainstuff);
    echo preg_replace('/  /', '&nbsp; ', nl2br(htmlspecialchars($mainstuff)));
  } else {
    echo "<p class=\"explain\">Don't click on the source code link until you're ready for it.  That's an answer to the \"assignment\" in the beginner tutorial.  The good stuff is under the beginner tutorial link.</p>

<p class=\"explain\">Now for the explanation: This is a PHP tutorial for people new to PHP, but not to programming in general.  This tutorial also assumes you are familiar with XHTML and the way it is rendered by a browser.  Hopefully, if that describes you, you'll find it useful.  The beginner tutorial link is the actual lesson, and the source code link is a solution to the practice \"assignment\" described in the lesson.</p>";

  if ($content == 'phpbegin') {
    echo "<br /><br />";
    echo "#####<br />";
    echo "NOTES:";
    echo "<ol>";
    echo "  <li><a href=\"\">PHP Problems</a></li>";
    echo "  <li><a href=\"\">POOHP</a></li>";
    echo "</ol>";
  echo '