Writin' at a write-in
Everybody had writer's block
Somebody started a word war
And there they invented a plot
It wasn't a plot
It was a Plot Lobster!

Plot Lobster!

Plot Lobster!

(Plot Lobster)
(Plot Lobster)

Writin' at the Dolce
His lap top broke
Lots of cursing
System crashing
But how come he can't
Write it longhand?

Plot . . .
Plot . . .

Plot Lobster!

Click, clack . . .


Let's plot!

Word counts're rising
No editing allowed
Everybody's plotting
Everybody's writing

Drinkin' lots of caffeine
Gettin' wired!
Losin' inspiration
Gettin' kinda tired!

Get out your notebook
Get out your pen
Pass the bag of candy

Here comes a writer's block
(Oh no!)
There goes the squid
(I need power!)
In walked a barista
My mind's like a jellyfish
(No sleep!)
Stressed by your word count
(More typing!)
In flew the Internet
Back up your story
There goes the ML
(Pretend like you're writing!)

Plot Lobster!
Plot Lobster!
Plot Lobster!
Plot Lobster!
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