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Last update: 20 September 2010.

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The intent is to provide some form of organized sorting and searching, eventually. At present, however, too few quotes exist in the archive to bother. They are listed here, in alphabetical order by title:


As excerpts from larger works, disseminated solely for informational purposes, the quotes listed here are presumed to be protected for distribution and use under the doctrine of fair use in US copyright law. This means that redistribution of the quoted text, either separately or as part of a greater work, is free from encumbering copyright restrictions, assuming proper attribution is granted. In many cases, these quotes are in fact from text in the public domain, thereby improving the protection of individuals' rights to reuse and redistribute the quotes. In some cases, the works from which the quotes are culled are subject to specific copyright licenses, which may either improve or damage the legal protection of individual rights to reuse and redistribute larger selections from the parent works, though the fair use doctrine is still understood to apply here -- and, because of this, no attempt is made to specify the license terms of distribution for the parent work in each case at this time.

Note that the above does not constitute legal advice, and merely serves as a record of the understanding and intent of the maintainer of this archive. Where the legality of the reuse and redistribution of any copyrighted work is in question, one should probably consult a trained legal professional to avoid risk of exhorbitant fees or jail time.

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